Behind every good dentist is great air technology.

It’s quite possible that right through dental school your clinical work was supported by Cattani, world leaders in air technology. And even now, there’s a good chance it’s Cattani that keeps your clinic running smoothly.

You want reliability? Cattani means reliability

It’s our oil-free compressor that drives your handpiece and it’s our SMART suction system that removes debris and liquids. And without reliable air and suction, your surgery stops functioning.

Just doing our job

We don’t care that we don’t look incredible, we don’t care that we’re hidden in the plant room. We only care that we’re doing a great job of looking after you, including terrific technical support.

Cattani can help

To learn about exceptional dental suction and compressors, please go to our website:

Then call us at (03) 9484 1120 and ask for one of our Business Development Managers, or email

And if you want to talk to one of our distributors, there’s a full list on the website.

Cattani is proud to support the 2019 YDH Conference

What air technology is supporting you?