Endodontics and Prosthodontics Summit

Friday 24/8/18 & Saturday 25/8/18

8:30am - 5:00pm

Melbourne Museum (Museum Theatre) 11 Nicholson St, Carlton, Vic

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session at
The Lincoln 
(after the Friday
for all attendees

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Day 1- Friday 24/8 (6 Scientific CPD hrs)

Dr Anthony Mak

Cosmetic and Implant Dentist

Join Dr Anthony Mak in this fast paced but comprehensive presentation as he covers what the General Dental Practitioner needs to know about direct anterior composite resin restorations and indirect posterior bonded ceramics, the bread and butter of a general restorative practice.


The Fundamental Concepts for Successful Direct Anterior Composite Restorations.


Direct composite resin restorations in the anterior dentition can produce functional, highly aesthetic durable restorations, which are conservative of tooth structure. The practical and simplified application of the shade selection, preparation design to achieve invisible and durable margins, aesthetic layering techniques are some of the learning objectives of this presentation.

The presentation will also include an introduction to the use of digital scanning and planning in daily practice to facilitate the treatment of more complex cases restored with direct composite restorations.

Bonded Partial Coverage Ceramic Restorations in the Posterior Dentition


The use of bonded partial coverage ceramic restorations in the posterior dentition has become the cornerstone of the modern general dental practice.

This presentation explores the restoration of the broken down and worn dentition to full aesthetics and function using these adhesively bonded restorations.

Adhesive and minimal intervention concept as it pertains to this modality of treatment will be presented, covering many concepts including treatment planning, cavity preparation, impressions, provisionalisation and final cementation / finishing.


Learning Objectives:

  • Tooth Preparation for bonded ceramic onlays using biomimetic principles.

  • Immediate Dentin Sealing and Gingival Margin Elevation Procedure.

  • The utilization of digital scanners for capturing the impression of the preparation.

  • Treatment of the fitting surface of the restorations.

  • Adhesive Cementation of the restoration.

  • Polishing and finishing procedures.

Dr Anthony Mak is proudly sponsored by GC

Dr Omar Ikram

Specialist Endodontist

Real life endodontics - The facts, the fiction and the fads

- Minimally invasive endodontics and the restorative prognosis of these teeth.

- Location and negotiation of mb2 in upper molars and calcified canals -

- Longevity and prognosis of root canal treated teeth.

- Preparation systems Dr Omar Ikram uses.

Dr Omar Ikram is proudly sponsored by MIPS

Day 2- Sat 25/8 (6 Scientific CPD hrs)

Dr Fadi Yassmin

DSD Instructor
Celebrity dentist

An introduction to digital smile design and a digital workflow, and how to incorporate digital dentistry into your practice


Predictability in Modern dentistry is the key to successful practice. Learn how DSD is delivering a predictable outcome in everyday practice and how digital dentistry is changing the way dentistry is being done. As a young dentist there is a lot of equiptment and expensive software out there which can overwhelm most recent grads, learn how to navigate through this and deliver predictable results even without owning or access to an intra-oral scanner.

Dr Chee Chang

Specialist Prosthodontist

The fundamental principles of indirect anterior restorations 


  • Basic diagnostics for anterior ceramics – the analogue & ‘semi-digital’ way

  • Use of mock-ups for communication

  • Basic preparation guidelines for anterior veneers and crowns

  • Update on latest zirconia materials

  • Aesthetic considerations with zirconia


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