communications superlecture

Saturday January 18 2020

8:30am - 5:30pm (Registration at 8am)

Karstens, 123 Queen st, Melbourne 3000


$199 full-price ticket

$99 student/2019 Graduate price (must email with your 2019 student id)                                                             7 CPD HOURS!!!



We're getting 20/20 on communication in the dental setting!

Come join us for a huge day, discussing critical issues plaguing many dentists young and experienced alike, around communicating with patients. 4 amazing practicing dentists will give you INDEPENDANT advice, tips and tricks to improve your communication skills in the dental setting. There is NOTHING more important that communicating well with your patients!

We've assembled the following speakers to give you unbiased information and advice:

Dr Fadi Yassmin

DSD Instructor
Celebrity dentist

Increasing your case acceptance on high-end multidisciplinary treatment

The biggest challenge in multidisciplinary treatment in dentistry is case acceptance. Learn techniques on how to offer these services to your patients without looking like your are ’selling’. Empowering your patient with motivation tools, emotional dentistry backboned by the digital age your patients will be more than willing to go on their journeys because we now have the ability to define the outcomes at the start. Learn how to master case acceptance without having to compromise on the best treatment plan. 

Dr Cigdem Kipel

General Dentist
Profile Photo CK square.jpeg

Communication tips & improving your clinical processes 

- Growing your patient base from zero

- Smart scheduling 

- Mastering the new patient appointment

- Communication factors behind perception and decision making

- Treatment planning tips for success

- Talking money  

- Setting goals: what to track and measure 

- How to train your DA and get the most out of your team

- Efficiency in your workflow

Dr Sam Koh

General Dentist

Rethinking traditional concepts about "selling" treatment

- Re-evaluating what you were taught in university about patient communication and the fear of "selling" to patients

- What is over-treatment and when are you crossing the line

- The grey area of treatment planning. What they never teach you about the "right way" to treatment plan for patients

- Analysing the term "ethical sales" and what that really means

- Body language and how what you DON'T say can affect your communication with patients

- Communication tips that you can take home tomorrow and implement to improve your patient case acceptance

Dr John Haggiliassis

Invisalign and Clear Aligner dentist guru
Dr John Bio Photo_hires.jpg

Smile makeovers incorporating clear aligner treatment


There is a saying that says, if all you have is a hammer, then all you see is nails. This concept is particularly true in dentistry and treatment planning. 


The vast majority of smile makeovers have an underlying tooth alignment issue, which is masked with either thick ceramic or via large biological cost. 


Dr John will explore how clear aligners can be used in your everyday workflow in smile makeover cases to reduce your biological cost, increase your longevity and increase your professional satisfaction. 


Based on this, Dr John will show how a harmony between alignment, colour and augmentation will take your cases to the next level.