Dr Michael Mandikos

"The broken down Posterior tooth - Direct vs. Indirect restorations.

What are the options and how do you choose?"

@ State Library of Victoria (Village Roadshow Theatrette) Friday July 6th 8:30am - 5:00pm

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Early Bird ends 15th June

A common clinical challenge is the restoration of a tooth with multiple missing cusps. Sometimes it is difficult to determine whether an indirect approach is needed, or if direct procedures can be applied. Common questions in the mind of the clinician are:

What’s the difference between a vital and non-vital tooth ?

What are the limitations of direct restorations?

How do polymerisation forces effect the outcome ?

When is an indirect restoration indicated and should it be a crown or an onlay ?

When are posts needed ?

When are pins indicated ?


This one-day presentation will address all of these questions and provide the clinician with guidelines for restoring the broken down posterior tooth, as well as examples of techniques to achieve clinical success.


What you will learn:

- What post system to use

- How to cement posts

- What core buildup system to use

- Theory of polymerisation shrinkage, C-factor, the key issues of adhesive denting bonding,

- Layering Vs Bulk Fills for direct restorations

- Achieving good contacts.

- When to choose an Onlay vs a crown

- Guidelines for Preparation of an onlay

A YDH x 3M Collaboration