Dr Michael Mandikos


       Dr Terry Wong

Saturday 14th October 2017

@ The Glasshouse, Olympic Park, Melbourne
8:00AM Registration - 4:30PM

6.5 sci

CPD hours

The top practical, predictable & productive tips/tricks/must do’s for successful Direct & Indirect Anterior Restorative Dentistry (Limited seats) - full day accredited CPD sci hours

Powerhouse duo Dr Michael Mandikos and Dr Terry Wong in the same room for an unforgettable weekend! A HUGE 6.5 accredited scientific CPD hours.

We’ve brought back the big guns to deliver this jam-packed info session on all things anterior and aesthetics! Both speakers will be talking about the latest and most innovative ways to help improve your anterior restorations, be it composites, veneers, or crowns. Learn practical tips that you can actually take away and implement in your practice immediately, learn tips and tricks from both dental gurus from their many years in the industry together, as well as what they consider as the must-do’s and the must-haves in regards to successful anterior restorations!

This course is designed to give any dentist at any experience level insight into how they can better complete their anterior restorations with the latest techniques and methods to be discussed, along with tips and tricks straight from the world-renown composite guru, Dr Terry Wong, as well as the amazingly-talented prosthodontist, Dr Michael Mandikos.

Indirect Anteriors          

Veneer preparation styles/methods

Shade matching & judging colour

Temporisation methodologies and techniques

Restoring the chipped porcelain crown & veneer (Both permanent or temporary options)

Cementation – The critical do’s and don’t’s

How to effectively communicate to your laboratory.







Direct Anteriors

Shade matching methods / techniques

Current & correct layering philosophies

Masking discolouration (eg. Root-canal treated teeth)

Matching and bonding to existing indirect restoratives (eg. Repairing fractured porcelains with composite resin)


Olympic Boulevard, Olympic Park
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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